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Build Your Own Express Bowl
Get creative and build your own express bowl from a wide variety of toppings!
$2.50 base price
Pick your Base
Bowl Base
Quinoa Brown Rice Israeli Couscous Toppings only today
Bowl Proteins
1.00Tofu 1.00Shrimp 1.00Chicken 1.00Fried Egg 1.00Grilled Seitan ***No protein today***
Bowl Add-ins
Bowl Cheeses
Top with sauce
Bowl Sauces
Orange Teriyaki Soy Ginger Sauce Lemon Vinaigrette Sriracha Lime Aioli Tahini Yogurt Sauce Creamy Avocado Dressing ***No Sauce for me today***
Crunchy Toppings
Bowl Crunchy Toppings
Finish with a garnish
Bowl Garnish

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